Oppose The March Against Sharia

The KAOS Orchestra is calling for opposition to the Anti-Islam March happening in Austin, Texas as well as in cities around the country on Sat. June 10th! This march is being presented to the public as the “March Against Sharia” and is affiliated with ACT for America. ACT is a national group known to Southern Poverty Law as being led by Brigitte Gabriel who has referred to Muslims in the past as “barbarians”.
SPLC reports ….

Gabriel is a Lebanese Christian  national turned American citizen, was vocally critical of Islam and Muslims and repeatedly made statements conflating all Muslims with terrorists. “Islamic terrorists … are really just very devout followers of Muhammad,” she wrote in 2006. “They are following his example and doing exactly what the Koran teaches and their mullahs exhort them to do.”

Reasonable Americas are overwhelmingly opposed to Sharia Law and therefore, no legitimate reason exists to march against it. The objection is simply a cover for the true agenda of spreading Islamophobia and white nationalist racism.  Sharia Law poses no practical threat to America. Fascism is, however,  posing a very real threat to America and fascism will, without a doubt,  be on parade for this event. They are not marching against Sharia Law…they are marching against Islam.  No matter how small and insignificant the numbers for this march may seem in your town…it should be overwhelmingly opposed. Show them you reject their hate. Show them they do not speak for you. Show them what a minority they are.

The K.O. is calling for solidarity with all willing parties and activist organizations who will join the Orchestra in opposition to this racist and xenophobic march that will disgrace the streets of Austin, Texas…as well as other America cities.

-March Against Islam-
Saturday, June 10th
10am-2pm to Texas State Capitol
The bigots meet at 11th & Congress  (*location could be changed at last minute*)

The world is watching.
No racist marches in Austin.
No racist marches in Texas.

K.O. Communique 01




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